The top Highlights from Watches and Wonders 2024 that you must look forward to

As the Watches and Wonders 2024 event or WWG event draws near, the horology enthusiasts prepare themselves for an unforgettable and unmatched experience.

The event promises an amazing collection of the finest horology products, innovative designs and breathtaking craftsmanship.

  • Where is it?

The Watches and Wonders 2024 is an annual event that showcases the latest innovations and styles of luxury watches. The event is organised each year in various places yet the Geneva edition is the most popular one.

The event is also known to showcase traditional watchmaking techniques and legacy while reflecting the Swiss finesse of elegant watches.

The exhibition is held at the Palexpo Convention Center in the region. The place is a modern and spacious exhibition centre that is located near the Geneva International Airport. This makes it easily accessible for visitors and exhibitors.

The venue offers state-of-the-art facilities, watch exhibitions, conference rooms and other facilities to wow watchmaking enthusiasts.

With the Daily Chauffeur in Geneva, you can easily enjoy the entire event without any hassles.


  • When did it start?

 A famous watch show was run in Basel called the Leading Basel Watches and Jewellery Fair in the 1900s. The brand garnered a lot of attention and was termed the best event in the horology world and was called Baselworld.

However, in 2019, the brands began to complain that they were not treated well and by 2020, a large number of the famous watch brands backed out from this event. These included the ones from Swatch Group and Richemont. Ultimately, coronavirus proved to be the death knell for Baselworld.

These brands joined another famous watch show run since the 1990s termed SIHH. After the closure of Baselworld, this was renamed as Watches and Wonders. Post-COVID, this local event has now turned into a premium luxury watch show that coincides with the slot of Baselworld. The organising committee includes representatives from brands like -Rolex, Richemont, etc.

  • Why is it famous?

At the heart of Watches and Wonders, 2024 is the appreciation for high-quality craftsmanship and resources. The watchmakers spent countless hours perfecting the watch movements, the embellished dials, intricate carvings, etc. Each product that is showcased in the exhibit displays the creativity and passion of the makers.

The event is also a combination of tradition and innovations in horology. Thus, you can expect leading watch brands from across the world to gather and showcase exquisite pieces including classic to modern designs.

Visitors also get a chance to explore the watches, and their history, interact with brand representatives and learn more about this amazing craft in nearby Watchmaking Village. We recommend choosing a chauffeur in Geneva to ensure that you make the most of the event.

For the watchmakers, the event offers special seminars, presentations, etc. This is vital to gain insight into the trends and techniques of the craft. Brands can also book Geneva Limousine service to help their representatives make the most of the event and its various offerings.

Thus, Watches and Wonders remains a strong platform for watchmakers, collectors and retailers to network and promote their brands. Other reasons for the rising popularity of this event are –

  • Watches and Wonders celebrates traditional watchmaking techniques while including the latest innovations. It allows visitors to explore collectables to limited edition horology pieces. The event also emphasizes craftsmanship and artistry.
  • The event showcases limited edition pieces from high-class brands like Patek Philippe. The event adds to the allure, prestige and desirability of the brand.
  • Enthusiasts can check the cutting-edge technology and advancements in the field. The event also gives an amazing opportunity for businesses and collectors to explore their networks and contribute to the field.
  • The event also offers a global platform for new brands to showcase their creations and attract the attention of watch lovers and collectors.

Considering the rising popularity of the event, other iterations of this popular event are also held to cater to the growing popularity of luxury watches.


  • When is this event?

The beginning of the exhibition i.e. April 9-12, 2024, is simply by invitation only to the members of the watch industry like brands, retailers and even journalists.

From April 13-15, 2024, the general public can visit the event and immerse themselves in the world of fine watch-making.

When such open days start, collectors, horology enthusiasts and watch lovers can get a chance to explore the finest quality products produced in the year. Selecting a Private Chauffeur in Geneva can further make the entire event memorable.

  • What is the distance between Geneva Airport and Watches and Wonders venue?

The distance between Geneva International Airport and the Watches and Wonders venue at Palexpo is 4 Km. You can easily book a good Geneva Airport Transfer to reach the venue with ease and convenience.

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