Seventy-Fifth World Health Assembly

Join the delegations from across the world to the Seventy-Fifth World Health Assembly in Geneva. The World Health Assembly is the decision-making body of WHO and it will be attended by the delegations from all Member states. The assembly will focus on a specific health agenda and it is a great place to learn about

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Switzerland

The mention of Switzerland and we immediately start to think about the Swiss cheese and chocolates. These are some things you already know about Switzerland but the country has much more to it. Located right in the middle of Alps, the picture perfect destination offers a lot for travellers of all ages. Here is a

Switzerland Travel Tips To Know Before You Go

You might not have been able to take your International trip last year and it still may seem like it is out of reach, but there is no harm in dreaming and planning. If it is Switzerland you are thinking about, there are scenic hikes, beautiful mountains and sparkling lakes that will make your trip

5 Places to visit in Geneva

Geneva is a popular tourist destination known for the natural beauty and picturesque locations. It makes every traveler fall in love with it but due to the abundant attractions, it could become difficult to decide what to do and where to visit first. So, here is a list of the top five places to visit


The moment someone says Switzerland, you start to think about the snow, ski, and the cheese. The beautiful destination is surrounded by majestic mountains, has massive ski terrain and a diverse culture. It attracts people from across the globe and is known for the picturesque villages and an experience like nowhere else. If you love

Personal Chauffeur Services in Switzerland

September 26, 2020 Comments Off

Whether you reside in Switzerland or are looking to travel to the beautiful destination in the coming months, stop worrying about the transportation. You do not need to carry a map or understand public transport timings. With Swiss Chauffeur Service, you will have a premium chauffeur with a luxury car at your service. We understand

Secure and Convenient Geneva Private Chauffeur

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Parents are always worried about the security and safety of their children. Irrespective of their age, parents never stop worrying. Whether it is about dropping them at the school or sending them to a different country to study, it is the responsibility of a parent to think about the best for their child. If you

Luxury and Premium Car Rental in Geneva with Swiss Chauffeur Service

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Exceptional Chauffeur Services in Geneva, Switzerland

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A lot of travelers face a major issue when visiting a new destination. They are not aware of the public transport system and often find themselves lost in a new city. If you are traveling to Switzerland anytime soon, you do not need to worry about carrying a map or understanding the public transport system.

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